To provide charitable support to organizations

that set out to inspire, nurture, and promote

the betterment of the human spirit

that is present within each of us.

2018 Update &

FundRaise Goals


Our Sincere Thanks


All – I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the support and love you have given over the years to the Bryan Jacobson Foundation. We started the organization to tribute the amazing love and profound impact my brother Bryan has always given to the world. For me, Bryan was my tour guide for life, showing me how to be, how to do things, and how to experience the color, volume, tastes, and love wherever you are. Our mission for the BJF is to bring underprivileged and disadvantaged children that same light of love and support.

Over a short time, and in Bryan’s name and honor, we have been able raise over $400,000 to help fund small and lesser known youth development charities, giving kids opportunities that they never would have had, ranging from after school programs, mentor and mentee arrangements, and summer camp activities that transport these inner city children to experience fun and adventure in the countryside and mountains of New York State.

Our fundraising activities have included cocktail receptions, live music experiences, and Team BJF athletic events. Each event has brought an overwhelming feeling of love and success for the goals of this Foundation. The BJF has now made its own impact on all of the charities we have made grants to, including Friends of The Children NY, The Felix Organization, Fiver Children’s Foundation, and Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms.

This past summer, the BJF supported different summer camp programs for underprivileged youth, and we are proud to give you some highlights. Our grants gave children the opportunity to leave behind the daily struggles they face at home, and participate in personal-growth activities, make new friends, and take a breath of fresh air in nature.

With the help of the Felix Organization, “Bryan’s Camp Felix” was established. Bryan’s Camp is a one-week sleep away summer camp experience for teenage boys in the foster system. The teenagers learn how to play and work as a team, while also being exposed to leadership skills and values taught by special guest mentors, including Ivan Tchatchouwo, former college basketball player, rap music legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and animator Kyle Warren.

At Steve’s Camp, “Bryan’s Treehouse” was expanded upon and now “Bryan’s Place” includes a full tree-house with lights, a giant swing, an obstacle course and a full zip-lining adventure for the children and teenagers to learn valuable skills while making lasting memories.

Team BJF & The 2019 NYC Half-Marathon

In January, we will begin fundraising for The 2019 NYC Half-Marathon, led by Team BJF Captain Rachel Jacobson. This amazing 12-person team is set to challenge themselves and run 13.1 miles throughout New York City in March of next year. A full list of fundraising goals and participants, many doing this for the 3rdand 4thtime, will be sent out in January.


Once again, we are grateful for your support.

The Bryan Jacobson Foundation continues to enrich the lives of others, just as Bryan continues to enrich mine.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Info@BryanJacobsonFoundation.org

Thank you,


The BJF Review

The BJF hosted a Live Music Experience in June 2016 featuring:

* Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of  RUN DMC &

* Band For Bry – A tribute rock band orchestrated by Shaun


Amazing Video from the

2015 Bryan Jacobson Foundation Fundraising Event

@ Core Club – New York City

We had over 300 attendees and it was great to see you all!  Thank you for coming and bringing your great big hearts!

2014 Introduction to the Bryan Jacobson Foundation, Inc.

Purpose: Introduce and officially launch the Bryan Jacobson Foundation, Inc.
Type of Charity: Raise money for the "The Friends of The Children, New York", a Youth Development charitable organization

Impact of Grant:  Funded new games, toys, and equipment for two (2) playrooms at each facility - Harlem & The Bronx.  The Playrooms will be named "Bryan's Room" and will have a plaque at each entryway dedicated from the Bryan Jacobson Foundation.


Written By
Shaun Jacobson

August 24, 2015

The Bryan Jacobson Foundation officially launched last year, and was created to honor my brother Bryan, whom the world lost almost five years ago.  Our mission is to provide charitable support to organizations that set out to inspire, nurture, and promote the betterment of the human spirit that is present within each of us.  The mission comes directly from the love and support Bryan always provided to me as his little brother.  While the world keeps turning, I always keep Bryan in my heart.  This Foundation sustains Bryan’s legacy, as all that he taught me and so many others are too valuable and meaningful to not share.  We must continue to spread love to those that need help and support.

The BJF is properly registered as a 501C3 Charitable Organization, and we raise money through fundraisers and team building events for charities that align with our mission.  Our goal is to seek out small and lesser known organizations where the impact on its mission is direct and tangible.  Simply stated, we do all we can to enrich the lives of others actively.

In October, 2014, the BJF held its Inaugural Launch and Fundraising Event at the Rose Bar, Gramercy Park Hotel.  We captured a tremendous of amount of interest and exceeded our overall fundraising goal.  Through the generosity of so many, we made our first grant to the Friends of the Children New York, a youth development organization, by donating two play rooms in Bryan’s name where some of the City’s most at risk children go to learn and have fun.  It is the precise gift and legacy this Foundation was meant to create.

We also established Team BJF – in which volunteers raise money and awareness for the BJF through participation in athletic events.  Team BJF was involved in a very successful and uplifting 10K run, as well as a fun and exciting Spinning event.  Thank you to all that led that teams, participated, raised money, and donated!  Team BJF is a fun and very exciting element of our charity.  I encourage anyone that is competing in any walk, run, race, marathon, spin event or any activity in which raising money or volunteering is needed – start your own Team BJF!  We will support you!

This coming October, we are excited to host The 2nd Annual BJF Fundraising Event.  Bryan loved to excite others in the events he threw as a professional event planner.  And so, we hope this next BJF event will be something that would make him proud, in Bryan’s style – something cool, “something smart, something different”, something fun, and most importantly something very meaningful.

I speak for my family and the entire Foundation when I say that we couldn’t have done any of this without everybody’s support and love.  We encourage you to get involved and stay connected with the Bryan Jacobson Foundation, through donations, participation, or anything else you can offer.  It means so much to us, and I hope that we can inspire you to enrich the lives of others, just as Bryan continues to enrich mine.

From my heart and soul, thank you!



Original Dedication Letter

August 12, 2014

Family and Friends,

For the past three and a half years I have been working to set up the Bryan Jacobson Foundation, as a tribute to honor my brother Bryan.  It’s been a very difficult road, filled with deep emotions, hard work, and tough challenges.  Bryan always motivated me to be my best, and to have passion in everything I do.  Bryan’s own passion for culture and creativity has always inspired me.  He always encouraged me to try new things, and to venture out of my comfort zone to truly experience the color, flavor, and volume the world has to offer.  My brother mentored me throughout my life and I greatly benefitted from all that he taught me, everywhere I applied it.  He was strong and had confidence, and was never afraid to chart a new path, no matter how challenging the task…  As I look to him still, even now, I find myself pushing with all that I am to be my best, and to chart a new path every day, no matter how challenging the task.

Thanks to the work and support from my family and friends, I am pleased to announce the creation of the Bryan Jacobson Foundation, Inc., a private, charitable organization with approved 501c3 status. The Foundation is a tangible and meaningful way for me to express my love and appreciation for my brother.  It will never fill any void, but I am hoping it will assist and enrich the lives of others, the way Bryan enriched mine.

The Bryan Jacobson Foundation (BJF) is a legacy to Bryan’s vibrancy and vitality.  It will serve as a beacon for the community, to guide and enrich the lives of others.  The BJF will facilitate its own fundraising through donations and events, and will then make financial grants to charitable organizations that encompass our mission.  Each year, the BJF will support numerous causes and charitable organizations that exhibit Bryan’s character.

For the Foundation’s inaugural launch this year, we are supporting a specific youth development charity.  This charity assigns well-rounded mentors and role models with children and adolescents, to give them coaching, support and friendship; which is well aligned with how Bryan always treated me and everyone he loved.

Thank you for visiting this website and learning about the BJF. This is the official launch and just the beginning of a rapidly growing and giving foundation.  I encourage you to think about all of the people that have made a true and positive impact on your life.  For me, my brother Bryan provided unconditional love and consistent support and happiness that I could always count on and will now cherish forever.  The BJF is dedicated to that principle and will fundraise with only the most genuine motive; to enrich the lives of others.  There are many people that need something, and now the Bryan Jacobson Foundation is here to help.