Launch Event

In October 2014, The Bryan Jacobson Foundation kicked off its

Inaugural Event at the Rose Bar – Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC.

Bryan’s family, friends, and colleagues filled the room

to celebrate Bryan’s life and to learn about how the

Foundation will “Enrich the Lives of Others”.


Bryan’s amazing personality and huge heart influenced so many people, especially me, his little brother, and that’s why we started the Foundation… We wanted to ensure that Bryan’s spirit and his drive for quality were properly reflected in the Foundation itself, as well as at the event…  There was so much love in the room, it was a real success… It was packed with family, Bryan’s close friends… So many people came to show their support, all with so many great stories, all together in one place… It was the first event of many for the Bryan Jacobson Foundation… It was very special, and it was a night I will never forget.” 

– Shaun Jacobson