Rachel Jacobson led an amazing Spin & Fundraising Event for the Bryan Jacobson Foundation in March 2015.  The event was held at Studio360 – www.my360nyc.com  – and was very generously donated and hosted by Shep Baum, a truly close and lifelong friend of Shaun and the Jacobson family.  Team BJF endured a challenging and exciting spin class to the soundtrack of some of Bryan’s favorite songs.  Rachel successfully raised spirits and money through this great charitable event.

We are so proud of everyone that joined Team BJF to assist us in our mission of enriching the lives of others.

Please enjoy the Spin Video below:

Our sincere thanks to Shep, Nikki, and the entire team at Studio 360!  www.my360nyc.com

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for participating in this event or donating to the Bryan Jacobson Foundation.  We recently launched this Foundation in honor and memory of my brother-in-law Bryan.  Our goal is to assist and enrich the lives of others the way Bryan enriched ours.  Bryan constantly opened my eyes up to the art, beauty, and culture of New York City – moments that will always stay with me and that I cannot wait to share with my own children.  Yet so many kids, based on the life they were born into, would never have that opportunity if not for the great work of the charity we are supporting, The Friends of the Children NY.  Friends enables these children to have cultural enrichment outings to help them uncover their unique strengths and chart their path ahead to a positive and productive future.  Please donate knowing that the money that you give will have a direct impact on enriching the lives of others whom, without you, would have never had such a chance.

With love, Rachel


The BJF is looking for volunteers to lead fundraising efforts and to obtain corporate sponsorships.  If you are interested in helping out with organizing the event, fundraising, or obtaining sponsors, please email Rachel@BryanJacobsonFoundation.org.

If you would like to assist us with future fundraising events for the Bryan Jacobson Foundation, please email Info@BryanJacobsonFoundation.org.